Framing The World Through My Photographs

#picbod Negotiation

In todays lecture I was very happy to have Jonathan Worth back in the lecturing chair.This lecture is about ‘The negotiation’-

The separation between people who just record things.

How do you photograph someone you don’t know?

  • Speak to them – make the relaxed.
  • Introduce yourself as a photographer.
  • Smile
  • Be friendly

How do you make the subject into a dialogue?

How do you get them to trust you so that you can photograph them.

I found the though of this task really difficult as I get really nervous when having to speak to new people. It is something I would avoid unless I absolutely had too. I have been known in the past to have to work up to making a phone call to ask simple question, taking over an hour to do so.

I decided to go into the centre of town and photograph. I spend a good half an hour walking around trying to pluck up the courage to ask somebody if I could photograph them.  I decided to ask some of the people on the small vans that sell food, newspapers and batteries.  I am not happy with the photographs I took as I didn’t take very many as stupidly I didn’t check my camera to see what battery I had so by the time I had walked around plucking up the courage and taking a couple of photos my battery was gone.


This is the only photograph I took that I liked, however I am not so sure on the framing of the image. Admittedly through my nerves I totally forgot to ask his name. But when I  approached him I explained that I am a photography student and I had the task of photographing a stranger. Which to my surprise he found it funny that I would think of him as a stranger.

I am not happy with how I approach this task.If I am wanting to further my career I am going to have to get used to photographing and entering into dialogue with somebody that I don’t know.


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