Framing The World Through My Photographs

Digital media – work rest and play.

The creative brief asks me to look at the categories work, rest and play, in term of the use of digital media. Firstly I have listed what I think of when i get told work rest and play.


  • Ricoh arena – cctv, radios.
  • Photographic –
  • Computer – mac
  • Studio
  • Photography


  • Tv
  • Films
  • Photography
  • Online shopping


  •  Studio
  • Photography
  • Tv
  • Films
  • cooking


Whilst living in coventry, I consider my self in having two jobs. One being my university work which mostly consists of spending my time on my macbook and using my camera, researching, editing and blogging.

My second job is being a security steward at the Ricoh Arena. When working I am I not necessarily using technology as such apart from using the radio which all security staff use to communicate with others. However I am constantly being watched by ‘big brother’ the Ricoh has many cameras which are uses for safety purposes but also by my boss to keep check on me, as shifts are long the tendency to start playing on our phones.

In a tutorial it was suggest that I ask work if I would be able to use cctv footage from the arena, although this is a great idea there would be no way that it would be allowed as some of the events held at the Ricoh by certain clients aren’t for general knowledge.

However the idea of surveillance is something that I plan to look into, researching the likes of Sophie Calle.


When I consider myself to be resting I am usually sat in the living room with the rest of my housemates watching telly. However we are never just watching the tv we are usually interacting with our phones and laptops as well as each other. I thought of creating a video over the space of an evening that records use using technology when resting.

The idea reminds me of goggle box a channel 4 programme that records people watching tv and there reactions to what they are watching.





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This entry was posted on February 10, 2014 by in Digital Media.
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