Framing The World Through My Photographs

#picbod – Empowered portrait task.

Through the first four workshops you have explored the power relationship between
photographer and subject, starting with yourself before looking at someone close to you
and a stranger. You should now apply your skills garnered through these and the technical
workshops to assist either a stranger or someone you already know* to make their own
You should not take charge of the photographic conversation but should empower the
‘subject’ in being able to make their own pre-visualization and chosen representation, a
*You should not work with someone who has previous photographic experience*

When first given this task I was excited about the fact I wouldn’t have control over the photograph, however it became more apparent to me that I would find this difficult to sit back and let someone else make the decisions. I am very close to Gabi therefore I think it made the process a lot easier as Gabi was afraid to ask questions. I enjoyed watching her think about how she wanted to represent herself, and her want to learn about how the studio works.

Gabi has wrote a small paragraph about her experience.

“When Jess told me I had to take a self portrait of myself the first choice I had to make was whether to use the studio or a home setting. I chose the studio as I wanted to get a good quality image that would just be of me and not have much background, therefore making me the focus. It was also a good opportunity to learn about the studio as I have always loved the images Jess produced when she works in there. Next decision was picking the background colour. A black backdrop made the image a bit too serious, whereas white made the image brighter and happier; Jess also remarked it was more ‘commercial’. Before we took the picture Jess explained to me how to balance the light so that I didn’t get shadows on my face, so it was an even light. Then I directed jess in front of the camera so as to get the framing correct before I stepped in her place and had someone else press the switch for me. At first I felt very awkward in front of the camera and the images looked very posed and very static and did not reflect me at all. Then Jess distracted me and we started taking images when I wasn’t paying too much attention to the camera. I like to think the image shows my very giggly but slightly awkward/shy personality. I was moving around too so the image ended up off centre which I think adds to this.”

Contact sheet (gallery)

After the shoot I uploaded the images to my laptop and went through the with her and this is the one she chose.IMG_7124


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