Framing The World Through My Photographs

#picbod – Final Piece Development

For me it was obvious after the feedback form week ones task that this would be the one I would develop into my final piece as the reaction I got from my feedback group was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to provoke and emotion in them that is the same as I feel when I am in the dark.

When I first received the self portrait task I didn’t want to do the obvious selfie so I started to think about my insecurities most of them were to do with my body issues however there was one that stood out. A fear of the dark.

To start off I had to pin point exactly what it is about the dark. To do this I  went at stood in the film loading cupboard in the ellen terry to remind myself exactly how it felt to be in pitch black as when I am at home I never allow myself to get into that situation.

Feelings :

  • Trapped
  • The noises
  • The unknown
  • Shadows.
  • The feeling that someone is watching me.

This is the image I created in the first week. When looking at this image I felt that the shadow behind where I am sat is strong and reminds me of a grave stone which indicates danger which is how I feel in the dark. I however don’t feel that the shadow of the arm is necessary therefore I am considering cropping it into a square which is something I will think about for the rest of my images.


In order to create these image I would need to enlist the help of my house mates. As my image would be dark I would need to use a longer shutter speed to allow the light in. Most of the light i will use will be natural light from the window as I tend to sleep with my blinds open. This light will also become a feature in most of my images. I  will use a torch to be able to create shadows as I will need a stronger light to do so.

Photographer research.

When thinking about photographing fears I think of Joshua Hoffine, he is a horror photographer who has done a particular series of child hood fears. Hoffine uses lighting to his advantage creating emotion with it which is what I plan to do. I have also  noticed that Hoffines work  is of similar colour tones throughout the series which is something I will have to keep in mind for the exhibition as if some prints are slightly different colour tones they will look out of place and not one series of images.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 05.54.46 Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 05.55.04

I have been struggling to find any other photographers who look at fears in particular however I decided to search on google, where I simply typed in fear of the dark , in which I found an animation which the first minute or so of audio explained how I feel when I am in total darkness.

In terms of lighting I looked at Edward Hopper’s painting of the girl sitting on the bed with natural lighting. Even though Hoppers work is a painting he has thought about what the lighting will be in is photo, in which it is similar to the lighting I want to use however I will be using street lighting.

Next shoot.

Before undertaking my next shoots I thought it best to draw on the feelings I pin pointed when I shut myself in the dark, I drew out how I wanted to show these feelings.


It was suggested to me that I have a piece of writing to go along side my images as they have the potential to be a photographic story. However I am no writer but thankfully I live with someone who does creative writing, therefore I ask her If she would write a small piece of text that would go with my images, this piece of text will also be n her portfolio. Below is Gabi Jones’ text.

“Click. The light goes out. Screaming thoughts cloud my eyes with vision of murderous monsters skulking in the unknown. The radiators’ warm breath pulsates from the wall, licking my skin with sweat. The winds’ constant conversation whispers behind the glass. As if sensing my listening ears, it punches the window to a close and locks me in the darkness. The laptop groans in the corner. I roll onto my side, shuffling my back against the cold surface of the wall. An engine growls from out on the street. The blinds’ slice the light and splatter it across the room. A set of fingers reach out from the dark, stretching up the wall, climbing the rungs of the shadowy ladder. A silhouette stirs in the mirrors’ surface and the light runs away. My toes twist knots into the sheets as they tuck-in any possible entries. The unknown slivers through the thick black air of the room, inching, creeping closer. Imprisoned in my own imagination. I see the sheet tense. Bony, bodiless hands hide in the folds of the bed. The arms sliver towards me. A golden strip of light frame the door, my escape, but I am rigid. It beckons me. It calls me to safety. The night breeds up around it. The shadows shift from behind the wardrobe until they form a faceless figure that looms over the foot of my bed like a shroud. I kick myself off from the wall, punching the light on. The room is bare.”

The above gallery is of my final images which I have ordered to go with the text.


Before ordering my prints I will have to consider the space I will have in the exhibition. Originally I was only planning on having a select few images up but  then I hadn’t originally planned in having text but the strength of it it deserved to be up in the exhibition therefore I will uses 7 prints with the text split into sections so that it flows with the images.


It took me and my friend and peer a good morning to work out what will fit in the space I will have in the gallery. We came to the conclusion that 10″ x 10 ” prints would work and the text will fit on a few A3 sized cards landscape. I was toying with the idea of having the text printed on black paper with white text , however I then decided that if I wrote on black card with a silver pen  it would make the experience a lot more personal as a fear is very personal. I will be mounting the images and text on foam board.

Digital Exhibition.

As part of the brief it states we are to have a digital artefact to. This should not just be a copy of what I am hanging in the gallery. Although I plan on using the images and the same piece of writing in my digital artefact I plan to surround the viewer in darkness. The black screens shouldn’t be comfortable to look at as feeling scared isn’t comfortable I will then introduce my images into the video for a short amount of time and where relevant to the audio. The audio is the text been written, I had planned to read the text myself however I could”t say some of the words correctly on the recording therefore I ask Kerrie to help me out, in reading the text.  Also in the video I recorded the sound of outside as this day was particularly windy there for the sounds were fitting with the text. Below find a link to my complete video.

In the gallery I thought that I would mount a QR code next to my work to make it slightly more interactive. I researched interactive exhibitions and found this video 


Over all this module has be very enjoyable as it is very much topics that I am interested in the layout through the 10 weeks has be good as theres has been a lot of feedback sessions which are very helpful in development in my final project, as I have been able to discuss each image I have taken to see what works and what doesn’t. I am happy with the work I have created for this module as it has been very personal to me and I have done a project I have wanted to do for myself. Presenting work in a gallery is a very rewarding thing which I look forward to seeing on Friday evening.


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