Framing The World Through My Photographs


Completing a SWOT analysis had highlighted the weakness in myself and my work. Making these known to myself has aloud me to work on the weaknesses in order to progress and become better at what I do.

The weaknesses I highlighted were that I have poor timekeeping, not very good at talking to new people and planning. These are all things that are important in the photographic business, as I can’t always be working with people I have met before. In order to to have my own photographic business planning and timekeeping as organising clients and the business side could be hectic.


Having a good CV is so important in applying and getting jobs. Having poor spelling, grammar and unnecessary information simply won’t do. Poor CV will most likely not get looked at.

(attach old cv)

Creative CV’s

When working in a creative industry, who wants to read another bog standard boring CV, therefore creating a CV that looks interesting will stand out to an employer. I have researched creative cv’s to see the sort of design I like and what I think works, after doing this I created my own.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 18.00.58

I wanted my creative cv to still have a simple layout yet still be visually effective with text that is still clear to read as I found with my research that some cv’s too complicated and that distracts from the information that is on it.



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