Framing The World Through My Photographs

Make up shoot for Faith (1day)

I received an email of Caroline where she had forwarded an email on from a journalism student asking for photography students to help out with her friends make up range shoot. I contacted Denika asking if I could be involved. I was pleased when she said she still hadn’t got anybody.

I swiftly booked the studio and equipment as it was booking up quickly and contacted Denika to tell her when it was booked for.

Before the shoot I had no real idea on what sort of looks the make up artist will be going for therefore I researched general beauty head shots. Before entering the studio I completed a risk assessment to highlight potential risks so that when i enter the studio I can minimise them when I get into the studio.

The shoot

I had booked the studio from 9-4. I arrived in the studio at nine, shortly after arriving I received a text off of Denika explaining that they would be and hr late which was fine as it gave me time to set up the studio. However at 10 am Denika arrived in the studio without the make up artists and models. The make up artist Faith had insisted on doing the make up at her house before arriving in the studio. After 3 hrs of waiting in the studio for faith to arrive she finally did with none of the make up completed so I couldn’t get straight into shooting as three hrs was already wasted and she had brought 5 models to photograph. It took an hour after her arriving in the studio for her to complete one girls make up as she was just chatting to her friends who were the models. By this time I was already getting very frustrated as I found her incredibly rude, Faith didn’t introduce herself to me when arriving she completely ignored me. When I could finally get round to photographing every time I would stop to explain something to the model Faith would pipe up and question why I was talking, all I could think was the cheek she had to  turn up 3 hrs late and just chat to her friends then to have ago at me for talking. I was glad I had a friend assisting me as I was ready to snap, what made the shoot worse was that Faith refused to do the next girls make up whilst i was photographing so I didn’t have another girl to photograph straight away which meant another hr of waiting for her to finish chatting and doing the make up. The only way I could stop myself from snapping at her was to leave the room and have a break, as I didn’t want to snap and be unprofessional so I took my lunch break to calm down.

Although I felt the shoot was a complete and utter disaster I managed to get some good photos. I sent all of the unedited photos to faith to view in which she told me which ones she wanted editing from her website, to my surprise she wanted 40 images editing. I explained to her the editing process may take a while as 40 is a lot of image, in which she was fine with that.




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