Framing The World Through My Photographs

#Picbod exhibition and newspaper ( 8 days in total)


The exhibition was a massive highlight this year as well as a massive stress for me. When deciding where the exhibition would be we had a choice of the artspace in Coventry or Althorpe studio in Leamington spa. It was a tough decision as ideally we wanted the exhibition to be held in Coventry but most of the class felt the location wasn’t right as it was dark and dingy and also the walls had historic graffiti that couldn’t be covered up, the location would have worked have worked for street photography but not for the sort of work we were producing. There fore we settled on Althorpe. We hired althorpe for 5 days in total which allowed the curation team to have a day laying out the exhibition and figuring out where everybody’s work is going to go. The days running up to friday was split into teams allowing each team to go and put up there work so that exhibition isn’t to cramped . Friday morning was used for putting the final touches to the exhibition before Matt arrived to mark our work, friday afternoon some of the class left and myself and a few others stayed to clean up where paint had been spilt and making it presentable for the public.

The week leading to the opening night caused me stress as I really didn’t think people would turn up by it not being in Coventry, to my surprise 200 turned up. The gallery was open over saturday and sunday which required people to sit in the gallery and make sure everything was okay, I volunteered to go over saturday morning 9am – 1pm in which in that time period we had around 20 people visit. Monday was used for taking down our work and cleaning the studio to the state we found it.

Picbod Newspaper

A few days after our work had been marked we received and email form Matt Jonston asking if we wanted to make a newspaper documenting our work. I really wanted to be involved as having something in print like that will be perfect to have in my own portfolio. I decided that I wanted to be a photo editor as I felt I could do a writing role as my writing skills aren’t that strong. Being a photo editor along with Charli and Kellie it was our job to make the photo walls for each task. Creating the newspaper allowed me to experience proper time constrains as we only had a week to produce the newspaper.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 23.33.41 Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 23.33.47 Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 23.33.53




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