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202 RESIT – Simon Clarke- The neoliberal theory of society.

As I am starting to look at whether neoliberalism works in the class system? I have discovered a reading by Simon Clarke on ‘the neoliberal theory of society.

I have pulled the quote:

“Adam Smith ( pioneer of political economics) said the foundations of neoliberalism with his argument that free exchange was a transaction from which both parties necessarily benefited, since nobody would voluntarily engage in an exchange from which they would emerge worse off.”

Why would people ‘give up’ living a life on finical benefits when they can have more money on benefits than if they got a job. The government are now capping the amount that can be received on benefits to a lower rate , so that earning more by working can be achieved. The government are tying to break people out of the security of benefits and trying to get them into a self made attitude.

In recent months many tv programmes have been shown on benefits Britain, and the attitude of the people on them.  Although the particular area of the programme I looked at isn’t the same as I will be researching, I feel that what I see will apply to most high benefit claiming areas. I learnt that tightening of the rules by the government working in conjunction with the job centre means that if someone is late for an appointment benefits can be cut or taken away. This could arguably give those people claiming benefits the reason to believe the government are out to get them. By cutting benefits does it make it any easier for people to get out of poverty? Does it give people the self drive to break out of this cycle?


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