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202 – Resit- Stuart Hall- March of the neoliberaists

After struggling with the given reading by Stuart Hall on the module blog it was recommended to me that I read an article called “The march of the neoliberalists” written by Stuart Hall.

Stuart Hall in the article ‘ The march of the neoliberals’ (the Guardian) argues whether we are in another period of the ‘long march of the neoliberals’, “each political and economical crisis since the 1970’s may look different but they share the same consistant underlying features’. He states that all political parties despite their differences seem to be wanting and working for the same outcome based in neoliberal idealism.

He argues that the welfare state is the ‘arch enemy of the neoliberal ideal’, as the welfare state nannies people, by preventing people from taking personal responsibility  and the duty of the poor to work.

But in the new coalition Goverment (formed in 2010) is in Halls words  ‘are the most far- reaching social revolution since the war’, providing a wide range of political views. The coalition Government are set to decrease the welfare state by capping benefits, allowing free schools and selling of parts of the NHS’.

When the neoliberal logic is applied to the strategy of the government, ‘where support from the less well off and the vulnerable will be whittled away and the welfare dependance broken’, he feels ‘the rich will become richer and the poor will become poorer.’


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