Framing The World Through My Photographs

202 Resit – preconceptions and observations

As I live near Manchester I have chosen to look at one particular area outside of the city centre, which I have been through a few times as my eldest brother lived nearby for a while. I shall be looking at Rusholme.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 15.06.09


My impressions of this particular area in Manchester is that it is a particularly run down area that is known for gang crime as it is situated near Moss side which is notorious for gang related crime.

On previous experiences and observations walking through this area I had noted that it was mostly populated by black and asian communities, and wasn’t particularly well kept.

When walking through in daylight I didn’t feel that unsafe walking through however after a concert I went to in previous years I have walked back to my brothers house, as soon as I was outside of the built up city centre I began to feel very out of place and unsafe, maybe because I didn’t know the area very well however it was enough for me to call my brother to come and get me. I often think of areas like this as groups of lads and girls hanging around the streets looking for trouble.

Before going to this area I asked my younger brother to come with me as I didn’t want to walk around an area I didn’t know to well with my camera. We talked about the particular areas the centre and peoples first impressions of the people. We discussed how it felt when different groups of people walked behind you. We both agreed that if a group of people in track-suits and smoking (the typical chav stereotype) were walking behind us we would feel very uncomfortable and what to move away as soon as we could where as if a group of people in business suits were behind us we would think nothing of it. I feel this sums the class system up today, I feel it is very much on appearance and area you live in.


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