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202 resit – Going to Rusholme

When driving through Rusholme I took note of the surroundings. The shops seemed fairly run down and most were Asian or African Caribbean. Upon turning into the estate I was going to be researching, I noted that it was more dilapidated, with litter on the street, graffiti & bars on windows.  The housing type in this area was almost entirely terraced. It would seem to me that this area of Rusholme is at the loosing side of todays class system. After walking around and photographing the estate for a few hours my brother and I decided to take a 20 minute walk into the city centre of Manchester to see the difference, if any, there would be to the nearby local environment. It only took ten minutes to start to recognise that the big companies are moving into Rusholme and seemingly slowly taking over what were previously family run businesses. The particular street we were walking down (Wilmslow Road ) is most commonly known in the north as the curry mile, although there are still many family run curry houses it would seem that the  most well known fast food chains are slowly encroaching to change this.


It was clear for me to see that more money is being invested into keeping the city centre looking nice to bring money and investment into the city centre. However no more that 20 minutes down the road away from the city centre there are areas that have been allowed to get into a dilapidated state.

These are the photo’s I captured in Rusholme:

As well as looking at Rusholme I have looked at the area where I live in in cheshire, which I view as a respectable area that is well kept. As I was walking round today the council grounds keepers were around my estate cutting the grass and maintaining the good upkeep of the area .There is also a large sense of citizenship with locally formed groups of volunteers such as the local clean team who pick up litter each weekend showing pride in their community. Also the Lions and the Round table who raise funds for local charities. The difference’s between the above images and those below photos is stark. The images below show that if time and a sense of citizenship and a bit more funding are invested into an area it can become more inviting.


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