Framing The World Through My Photographs

350 – First proposal & thoughts

Title of research project (Working title)

How family photography has changed through out the years.

Mode of presentation selected.

I will be presenting my topic as a symposium with the rest of the class.

Description of the subject to be investigated

For my symposium I will be looking into family photography and how it has evolved throughout the years, from physical photo albums to intangible files on a computer. I was inspired while visiting my family in Ireland by Graham King’s “Say cheese” book that discusses the idea of the family snap shot as a form social history that has revolutionised our way of seeing ourselves and family. I began thinking whether new technology has changed the way we capture our families and memories. With the rise of digital cameras and computers there is a decline in film photography within the family, because of the ease and storing capacity to take hundreds of frames. It will be discussed in this symposium as to whether the accessibility of new technology is resulting in less meaningful photos in comparison to the time when a frame would have been thought out before we pressed the shutter.

  • Case studies – My self – How has the way my family take photos changed.
  • Pro’s & con’s of digital as well as film.

Sources to be utilised and how will you acquire these sources?

I will be using a variation of books such as:

  • Family snaps
  • On photography, Susan Sontag
  • Say cheese – Graham King
  • Family frames
  • Photography a critic introduction.

As well as books I will be utilising the library databases to access journals, newspaper articles as well as films such as Richard Bellingham’s Fishtank.

As well as utilising secondary resources I would like to carry out small case studies possibly on my own family and how it has evolved. To gather other data on whether my thoughts are the case with in other families I would like to create so surveys possible via tools such as survey monkey as well as going out and speaking to the public.

Method/forms of interpretation/analysis to be used with the information and sources

Whilst reading the sources I am looking at I will be noting down keynotes, and in my own words try to summarise each of them.

I will also be looking at the back of the books in particular as there is quite often note pages as well as further reading lists which will help further my research.

Plan/schedule of work.

  • Discover what it is that interests myself in this particular topic
  • Start to find resources based on this particular interest.
  • From reading resources – Find point that I want to examine further by way of primary research interviewing family members as well of members of the public.
  • Whist doing my research, I will document my thoughts on my blog.
  • When I come across points I am wanting to include in my symposium I will endeavour to write paragraphs on these points as this will help with the scripting of my final symposium.

Bibliography/reading list.

  • Say Cheese – Graham King (1986)
  • On Photography – Susan Sontag (1979)
  • Family snaps: the meaning of domestic photography – Jo Spence & Patricia Holland. (1991)
  • Family Frames: photography narrative and postmemory – Marianne Hirsch (1997)
  • Photography a critical reflection – Liz Wells
  • Practices of looking- Marita Sturken & Lisa Cartwright
  • Families Seen Sightseeing: Performativity of Tourist Photography – Jonas Larsen
  • The family gaze- Michael Haldrup and Jonas Larsen
  • The peasant and photography – Pierre Bourdieu and Marie-Claire Bourdieu
  • Photography’s afterlife: Documentary images and the operational archive – Scott McQuire
  • What you need to know about saving photos – PATRICIA MERTZ ESSWEIN
  • Photography as family ritual: visual narratives in a finish family photo album – Mari Makiranta

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