Framing The World Through My Photographs

#Phonar prep task

Please tell the story of your journey to school (college/Uni/work) and share it in time for 1st Oct

As I am no longer at home and even if I was I don’t live that close to my old school, therefore I have decided to document my journey to work. As the journey to work is such a mundane task, I am going to document them exactly how it happens paired with the thoughts I have at that particular moment.

I have used both my camera and my phone to capture these moments as I do not trust keeping my camera safe at work.


The prep task was to  help us to think about creating a narrative. I approached this task in a very obvious way by simply photographing certain aspects of getting ready for work and including my thoughts as text underneath each image. However throughout each Phonar session I have come to realise that I could have done so much more with this task by using all the tools available to me, such as sound to make my my images more experiential.

I am planning to go back over this task and apply the ideas behind the sensory mash up task.


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