Framing The World Through My Photographs

#Phonar – Task One – Alienated Sensory Mash Up

This task was the first of many weekly task that are to challenge us into changing the habit already instilled in us whilst at university into having a think whilst doing attitude. The first of these is the alienated sensory mash up. The task can be seen below:

“Working in pairs if possible name yourselves “Eyes” and “Ears”. Ears is equipped with sound recording equipment (your phone will be more than adequate) and blindfolded. Eyes will lead Ears on a guided journey through a range of different environments. Ears will dictate the pace of the journey and say when they want to stop and make dedicated “sound-mark” recordings.

If you have to work alone then perhaps consider choosing an environment in which you can remain motionless with your eyes closed for several minutes. As you do so your sense of hearing will improve and you will begin to focus in on sounds that previously you’d of missed. Now search out these sounds with your recorder and build up a sound-scape of them.

For the photography aspect investigate the same environment as a photographer, responding solely to what you see.

At the end of the journey Eyes repeats the route (wearing ear-defenders/plugs) responding to the visual stimuli.

You should end up with a landscape story and a soundscape story.”

The idea of this task really excited me as it’s something I never would have thought of doing. I paired myself with Becky Woodall to complete this task, Becky took on the role of the eyes and I took on the role of the ears (blindfolded) We booked out a Canon 5DII and an Ediroll audio recorder. We started out journey at the Ellen Terry, then travelled on foot to The Herbert Gallery, as we had planned on going the have a look at Jason Scott Tilleys exhibition anyway, then travelling to our home in Stoke. I would stop when I heard something that I wanted to record and Becky as the eyes who couldn’t hear anything reacted to the environment by to the sights she saw.

When we got home I worked on the sound whist Becky edited the images. We were both under the impression that we should come to the next session with the sound and images separated and we would be mashing them together in class. Below are the individual pieces created.

How ever it was evident when others were sharing there work that we were supposed to come with our work but together already. After the session it was clear to me that I wanted to rework the audio that I have done as although I enjoyed listening to it, the piece was far to long.

Since I have come back and mashed the two parts together. Into a shorter piece.Which can be found underneath:


I really enjoyed the this task. I realised how much other senses are heightened when one is taken away. I had never thought of using sound as photography for the ear.  With Phonar concentrating on the paradigm shift within photography today, it is important that we use all tools available to us as with the shift from the physical photograph to the digital image, most image these days are viewed on a screen which have the capability to play sound. We should consider using these tools to make our storytelling more effective.

I have enjoyed the use of sound within my work, which is something I would to consider using further within tasks.


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