Framing The World Through My Photographs

#Phonar – Session 2- Interview with Fred Ritchin After photography/Bending the frame

Bending the frame explores photography in the area of photojournalism. Ritchin proposed the thought that photography was to be useful to the world, particularly directed at the field of documentary photography.

Documentary photography was originally meant to expose and inform the public on information that was deemed to important not to know. Years ago there were fewer practitioners in the field of photojournalism that were responsible for providing the imagery we see  than there is today.

In the period of analogue photography, what was shown was almost always taken as the truth. Although there are examples of manipulations that were made in the darkroom for example the pyramids on the national geographic cover. With iconic photographs seen on the front page readers were compelled to discuss the on the subway as Ritchin said.

In this interview Ritchin also examines photojournalism in the paradigm shift from analogue to digital. The digital age has brought new tools to photography, which goes with what was discusses that week in the difference between the photograph and the image. The digital image has no boundries and the possiblilites to manipulate in tools such as Photoshop. Software like this is renowned in todays photographic culture, which causes a problem. Can we trust what we see in the press today, because of the ease to manipulate the image or video.


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