Framing The World Through My Photographs

350mc – Mind map & thoughts on presenting my proposal.

Whist thinking about my ideas I have always found it easier to put things in a more visual way to discover how my thoughts relate to each other. with my DSA software I have been given a piece of software called inspiration which allows me to create mind maps, which then orders it in to a listed format which is clear and easy to read. Both can see below:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 14.06.52


How family photography has evolved over the years

  2. Sources to be utilized
  3. Books
  4. Family snaps-Jo Spence & Patricia Holland
  5. Say Cheese – Graham King.
  6. On Photography – Susan Sontag
  7. Google Scholar
  8. Essays.
  9. Films
  10. Journals
  11. Interviews
  12. Mode of presentation
  13. Symposium
  14. Methods to acquire sources.
  15. Interviewing
  16. Members of my own family.
  17. The public
  18. Survey monkey
  19. Using renowned libraries and there extensive research materials.
  20. Birmingham Library
  21. British library
  22. How had family photography changed in my own family?
  23. Find more out about my own family.
  24. Possible degree show idea – Looking into my own family tree and the genetics of the family.

III.    Schedule

  1. Discover what it is that interests myself in this particular topic
  2. Start to find resources based on this particular interest.
  3. From reading resources – Find point that I want to examine further by way of primary research interviewing family members as well of members of the public.


Photos were more thought out.

Disposable cameras

taken to the chemist to be processed sent the photos in the post.

  1. What will the project examine?


How technology has brought an end to the family album?

  1. Digital

Digital allows use to take millions of worthless photographs.

Filed away onto a computer.

  1. Facilities for taking professional photographs are so readily available.
  2. Photographic studios.
  3. Technology to repair old images.
  4. Google + apps on phones
  5. Uses the photos you have taken on your phone to create a story of that particular time.
  6. Getting photos printed to slot into physical photo albums, with dates and places written underneath

When I was younger the only professional photographs I had taken were school photos.

rays a  laugh – Richard Billingham.

Could be difficult to get people to respond in an effective way.

And to get a wide range of responses.

Presenting my proposal

I have always hated standing up and presenting in front of a group of people, as I have such a fear of messing up and being laughed at, but the nature of this module unfortunately requires me to face this….. Unfortunately the day of presenting my proposal was not the day for that, perhaps in theory getting hooked on gone girl the night before was not my finest idea. Waking up from limited sleep, then having to sand up full of nerves an present. I wrote down exactly what I wanted to say so that i could refer to that when speaking. When presenting I know it is not good form to just be looking at a piece of paper reading, therefore I chose of of my peers who would be in the room to present to so that I wouldn’t just be looking down. Unfortunately I panicked lost my place in what I was saying, one i had panicked I got completely stuck. The feedback I received off of my proposal was that, when I spoke about my proposal , it didn’t actually sound like my focus was family photography, I made sure that i had brought the mind map i created into the room with me, so that I could show what I was thinking, I showed this to Anthony where he identified my interest was family photography in relation to what we do with them.

On reflection – Public speaking is something that I will really need to work on as it gets closer to the event.


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