Framing The World Through My Photographs

350cm – General thoughts

I have always been a fan of photo albums, I spend hours looking through my own albums with my mother, bringing back to life the memories that they hold. Documenting our family lives is somethings that most families do and have done, but why do we feel the need to be taking photos at the rate we do.

The albums curated by my mother are special to me because of what they hold in their physical form, in fact if my house was on fire, even though they say leave everything behind could I really leave all these memories behind? I don’t think I could.

As I women growing up in a world where Facebook and other social media platforms, have a hold over us I question whether the images we see online hold the feelings that they do when you look at a physical photo album?

I am alway on facebook, not even paying attention but it is alway up on my screen. We share thoughts via status, why shouldn’t we share our photos to. My question in that with the volume of image that get shared today are put on up on the site in a robotic way that we do this without thinking about it? I know I do, I go out with my friends take photos , the next morning they are up on my facebook page for all my connections to see. But lately I am questioning myself in regards to my own family and holiday photos. As someone who studies photography, I find myself at family event being the one who is relayed on to take the photos rather than stop and enjoy the event itself. The only way I really get to see the event that i have been to is through the photos i scroll through in the morning to distripute online to my family. so yes for me I am detatched to these photos.


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This entry was posted on October 20, 2014 by in 350MC - photography in context.
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