Framing The World Through My Photographs

Spoken narrative #phonar

Last weeks task in Phonar was spoken narrative. We were to decide on a personal story that we hadn’t told before and tell it to the class. The purpose of the task was to make us feel as vulnerable as the subject in a photo. In a photo there 3 people the photographer, viewer and the subject. The subject is always the weakest person in the photograph as they can’t choose how they are depicted.

Before the session we were asked to listen to Lisa Potts’ talk about the machette attack on the nursery school she was working at when it happened. We I was listening to it I found what she was saying shocking as I had never heard of it before. However I didn’t particularly connect to the talk as I felt I should have done, as I found Potts was very clinical in the way she spoke. But I realise this may have been a copping method in order to be able to tell what happened she needed to disconnect herself from it.

I when given the task found it very hard to think of a story to tell as I didn’t think I am an interesting person to listen to however after a few days mulling it over, when looking through some old family photos I came across  a photo which has a well known story behind it in our family. I’m not a very serious person so I decided to go for a story that was light hearted. Thankfully my little brother provides some good material, which is not funny at the time but are quite hilarious when we look back on them now. I chose to record mine as I didn’t fell I would be able to say it as well as I get very nervous when speaking in front of a group.

When meeting up as a group, it was totally up to us as to whether we wanted to present it to the group. Some people decided to present to a smaller group and the rest delivered to a larger group.

After the class were were asked to consider all the stories we had heard in class.
There we many varieties of stories, some light hearted and some which were incredibly personal. The one that stuck out for me was told through an audio clip. The author of the clip was incredibly brave to share this story as it was very personal. She spoke it with confidence even though it was a tough subject to talk about. I found the start of the clip very effective talking about how every seven years every cell in the body is replaced. which the listener was reminded of throughout the clip. The clip was even more effective because of the way it was said. She had written it with such strong stand out parts which were enphasied in the clip which made me think more about the story being told. I found it very effective how the beginning and ending focused on the point the every seven years the cells in our bodies are replaced.


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