Framing The World Through My Photographs

#Phonar – Wasma Mansour- Single Saudi Women

Wasma Mansour is a photographer based in the UK and Saudi Arabia. Mansour has been working on a long term project which looks into the representation of single saudi women living in the UK, who are vastly mis stereotyped. Mansour wanted to add something to the debate, and show her participants in a different way than they have been photographed before.

Mansour took photographs of the women that were taking part in their own spaces in order to give them a sense of comfort, using her medium format camera which gave her control in the perspective. Its was vital to her that she prioritised how the women wanted to be represented and the level of visibility they would have in the photographs. In gaining the participants trust Mansour would talk to them to gain knowledge of them, in which the narrative of the participant leads her to what she should photograph. After taking the photographs of her Mansour sought after feedback from who she had photographed.

The main point I took from this interview was to gain the trust of the participant before photographing them, by talking to them and creating a relationship between participant and photographer. It is also key to respect the wishes of the participant particularly in a project such as single saudi women.


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