Framing The World Through My Photographs

Revised Propsal

I am looking into family photography and why certain events are recorded. And how our family photography has changed in the way we record and document our family lives within the digital age.


I plan on discussing weather the accessibility of technology is resulting in less meaningful photos in comparison to the time when a frame would have had to be thought out before the shutter is pressed due to the limited amount of exposures a film had.


I am looking into the works from Richard Billingham, such as “Rays a laugh” although he has a fairly non-conformist view on family photography by photographing his alcoholic father as usually the negative side of family lives are left out.


I have looked into a paper from Katrina Sluis & Daniel Rubinstein, who discusses the networked images and how the images are distributed. For example Google plus stories which recognise the photos taken on your mobile phone by the meta data the images hold, it is able to see that you have been on holiday for example and collect to images together to make a digital story.


Other works I am looking at :


  • Home truths susan bright
  • Family snaps – prticia Holland, jo spence
  • Whos looking at the family – val Williams.
  • Theatre of manners tina barney
  • Sontag


Looking to works of the networked image



Martin lister

Nicolas Mirzoef



Photography an culture

The philosophy of photography





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