Framing The World Through My Photographs

#Phonar- Aaron Huey

Aaron Huey is an American photojournalist and documentary photographer, most known his work across America in 2022 and his work on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Hueys audience is huge with working for the National geographic magazine. Huey makes work that can’t be ignored, and with the audience he has  this is possible, seeing as he was giving the log on details to national geographic instagram account, he can reach tens of thousands in minutes, this also allows him to reach a different kind of audience. Huey stated in his talk that he isn’t the type of photographer that waits until he has the money to start a project, he just goes out and does it, sometimes leading him to sleep rough. He walked for 5 months across America to complete his project, he said ‘you have to be fully committed to your work to get the photos you want.’ Like Marcus Bleasdale who collaborated with a comic book artist ( Peter O’Connell) Huey also collaborates with street artist, which allows his work to be seen by a completely different audience. Huey stated “the more collaborations I make, the more people I can reach”. Through his talk Huey showed in the way he spoke that passion was the key element in his work, just as Bleasdale said “the photograph is secondary to your passion,” Huey said “go to the soul of thing, find one you love. That’s how your’ll find the thing that matters”. The main point I taken from Huey’s talk and Bleasdale’s too , you have to have passion to create and informed body of work that will do what you want it to do.


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