Framing The World Through My Photographs

#Phonar – Post Photographic Portrait – Ideas

When discussing my ideas with a few of my peers and Jonathan, it became clearer that this piece should not be so literal as it just would not work.  As I am focusing on the distraction it was suggested to me that I create various soundscapes layered over the top of each other gradually getting more and more over whelming making it hard for the view to concentrate on any one thing.

When expressing that I found the most personal weekly tasks the most effective, I wanted to find a way to make this personal to me. I have thought about telling my own story of growing up with dyslexia within the piece, however I feel that if I used my voice at the age of 21 it would be as effective as if I used a voice of a young girl for example the age I was when it was discovered I was dyslexic.

As I am living away from home  I don’t know anyone within the area of coventry that could assist me with this, however I have a cousin in Hertfordshire who is around the age that I was.

Although I have know for a good long while that I have dyslexia, I am not to sure about how it was discovered that I had it. Therefore I emailed my mum a few questions for her to answer. Please find below:

How old wad I when you first noticed that i may have dyslexia?

What did you notice?

How did primary/secondary school help ?


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