Framing The World Through My Photographs

Shift in direction- But only Slightly.

Originally I planned to look at the shift in family photography due to the digital age, as well as looking at how family photography was previously documented. However, after a tutorial with Caroline, she suggested that I was covering to much and that each could be a presentation of there own. I only have roughly ten minute for presenting meaning it would be very difficult to talk about everything I had wanted to in depth in that space of time. It was suggested that I only focus on the representation of family through photography.

In doing this I can focus on including case studies with in my paper, by looking at photographers who represent families in one way or another. for example , Richard Billingham, Nick Waplington, David Moore, Tina Barney, Ellinor Carucci & Sally Mann.

After deciding to stick to the representation of family in photography, felt a lot happier as before I felt as if I would never get anything done, but I felt that this was more achievable.



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