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#Phonar – Research – Dyslexia-just-middle-class-way-hide-stupidity

When carrying out research I came across this article form the Daily Times by Rebecca Camber (2007) .

When I read the title of this article in all honesty it made me laugh, at how  a medical condition could be referred to as a  a middle-class phenomenon. It baffles me that this can even be suggested. This article was written in 2007, which although a good few years ago now, is still current enough when referring to the attitudes and the stigma that people have around dyslexia. Camber who wrote this article referes to Jullian Elliot who is a psychologist at Durham university who states that “there is a huge stigma attached to low intelligence”, he said after working with parents it was clear they didn’t want their child to be labelled stupid, thick or lazy. But surely if parents were informed correctly this stigma would be lost.Elliot suggests that the term Dyslexia is becoming meaningless, as he said “there is all sorts of reasons people can’t read well, and we can’t determine why.”

Camber also referances John Rack who is head of research & development at the charity Dyslexia Action, he denies the statement that dyslexia is simply a middle-class phemomenon and told the Times that “there is amble evidence that dyslexia exists across the spectrum”, and to the argument made by Elliot, Rack says it is “cited by people who don’t know enough about the subject”. Although this is a piece of text the thought from David Campbell seems highly relevant, Campbell said that “a good body of work is the work that understands it’s own context”. When reading this article it was clear to me that the writer Camber wasn’t well informed on the topic she wrote about, she collected thoughts from opposing sides of the arguments however it was rather more one sided, she wasn’t able to conclude whether this accusation of dyslexia being a middle-class way of hiding stupidity.

This article will infuriate many sufferers of the condition and has made no attempt on rectifying the stigma attached to dyslexia.


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