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#Phonar – Research-Dyslexic label being applied too widely, expert argues

Whilst researching how dyslexia is perceived in the press, I came across this article which suggests that the label of dyslexia is being to widley applied. Like in my previous post this article includes thoughts from Jullien Elliot , a former special needs teacher, who is now a proffessor at Durham University.

Elliot says that he is keen for students to get the right assistance for any educational needs. There is concern from Elliot throughout the article on the rise of students being diagnosed with dyslexia in recent years ( a rise of 40%), and whether infact these are misdiagnoses’ of people with mild literacy, spelling and grammar skills. Elliot goes onto speak about support given to  students, such as free laptops,printers and study support, how it seems to him that it is almost becoming an incentive to be diagnosed to receive such support.Though from personal experiences I know that support like this isn’t given out to anyone. It took me over a year to receive the correct support due to student finance not reading my report correctly. How ever even if you are diagnosed the level of support given to you is heavily informed by the severity of the condition of that individual.

In argument to what Elliot says John Rack, head of research,development at the charity Dyslexia Action says this rise is something to be ‘celebrated’, as it proves that there has been an improvement in the detection of the condition in schools and universities.

I don’t think dyslexia is necessarily being to widely applied it’s more a case of the condition becoming more widley known and accepted. From both articles that Elliot has feature in, I feel he takes away that fact that dyslexia is a disability.


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