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#phonar – Post photographic portrait – Ideas and final development

I had been struggling to think of the visual aspect to my final piece for a few days so I had booked apt with matt to discuss my ideas. I took with me a bit of sound that I had attempted to ‘mash’ up a bit. How ever when I played them, it was thought that it was still to comfortable to listen too. I mentioned that it was the visual aspect that I was struggling with as I wanted to create the feeling I get but not in a literal sense. I was almost pleased when matt struggled to think of how it could be shown to, which it then became clear that maybe it should be visual. Take something visual and turn it into sound.

I explained to matt why I was using music to show this, in which he suggested a why to show discomfort would be to create a recorded piece, that demonstrates my comfort in reading music in contrast to myself reading a book of a piece of music i hadn’t seen before and a passage from a book i hadn’t seen . Although I found the thought of this terrifying, I felt that It would do what I wanted it to do. However slight issue I didn’t have access to a piano whist at uni therefore I emailed on of the music lectures to see if I could get access to piano. But I wasn’t really surprised when I had no reply. However my parents where visiting that weekend and I have a key board at home in which I ask them to bring. I had booked out an edirol and a 5d to start to develop this piece.

When I got my keyboard I had ago at playing however embarrassingly enough I found myself being a bit rust as i hadn’t played in over 6 months. I wouldn’t be happy to show myself playing like this especially as I am not one for playing the piano in front of others anyway.

I moved onto the reading aspect of this just using the edirol at first. Becky had given me Joan Fontcuberta- pandora’s camera to read. It didn’t take me more than a second to know that I would find reading this a challenge as its a very wordy book. Although I knew it would be a challenge I had a sense of optimism when I started to read until I started to stumble on more and more words. However I carried on further but couldn’t manage more than a few paragraphs before giving up. By the end of reading it I  felt shattered: I have included the reading:

When mulling over the idea that Matts gave me a few days ago I was more and more unsure of whether it would do what I wanted it to do. I then thought of using me feelings of when I was reading, going from optimism to giving up. I  pitched this idea to a few of my colleagues and the general thought was that this would work better.

I set out working on the sound.Working with sound is still fairly new to me therefore I carried out some research into how to change pitch in adobe audition as premier isn’t the best tool to use for sound. However I did use it to cut parts of the music up as the Beetoven piece I had found was 24 mins long.

Before doing this I would need to decide how long the piece should be. I felt around a minute and a half would be enough as I knew that the piece was to become quite uncomfortable. I also felt it should be fairly to the point so that listeners don’t get bored and switch off.

After suffering from horrible headaches whist creating this sound clip, which in away is kind of a good thing I had got my sound done.I sent it to some of my peers for feedback:

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 07.57.27 Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 07.57.48 Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 07.58.05


I was extremely happy with this feedback as everyone had the reaction I was hoping for.



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