Framing The World Through My Photographs

#phonar – Lo reflection

1) successfully undertake appropriately sophisticated research, analysis and interpretation of information.

I have conducted appropriate research thoughout this module which I have been able to critically analyse in terms how it has informed my decission making through out tasks. I have applied what I have heard from certain practisioner such as david campbell.

2. identify the key issues involved in creating concepts that effectively communicate a particular message to a specific audience

I have identified the problems with in my work which I have attempted to create a solution in my  post photographic piece. I have used alam theory of using all the tool we have alvalible to us.

What is the problem?

Dyslexia is an invisible disability, where something in the brain did not develop how it should have done. Although, dyslexia is becoming more widely known and picked up on, I still feel it’s not understood by people without dyslexia, but how could it be? Dyslexia doesn’t present itself in the same way in each person with it. People with it see and process things differently.

I have often heard people use the phrase “I’m having a dyslexic day” as a excuse when they get something wrong, but have no true understanding of what it actually feels like to be dyslexic. Dyslexia is a disability that I feel isn’t often viewed as one.

What is the solution?

I plan to create an audio visual piece which allows people without dyslexia to see some aspects of what it is like.

What will not happen if this work is not created?

If I do not create this work the attitude towards dyslexia will stay the same, there would be no change for the better.

3) independently produce a photographic narrative utilizing a range of analytical and practical photographic skills

Though my piece is only a starting point into what i could potentionally do for my degree show. i feel thats I have created a strong narrative which has achived what I set out to do in putting people into the headspace of what i felt. In my degree show  i will explore further all the possible ways I could achieve this further.

4) show evidence of experimentation with a range of narrative forms and media as a creative method for clearly articulating visual themes, stories and concepts.


I have achieved this through number of weekly tasks that i have done. Each task as given me a greater understanding in using all the tools available to be to create an informed my final narrative.

5) critically evaluate their project work and the editorial decisions made throughout this process and its commercial relevance with respect to their chosen areas of specialism.

I have evaluated each part of my work as I have gone along making sure that I have got feedback from peers and tutors so that I know what I am producing work well and does what I want to do. Throughout phonar I have gained a greater sense of what narrative is and why it is important.


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