Framing The World Through My Photographs

#Phonar- Post photographic Portrait – Refelction

I wanted to create a piece that can put others in the headspace of someone that suffers with dyslexia, I originally planned to do this with an audio visual piece that provides a distraction. However as my ideas developed it became evident through apts and discussions with my class mates that I didn’t necessarily need a visual aspect to my piece as it runs the risks of being to literal. although I can show things on the screen as an example of what I see I can not make the viewer feel the frustration of it. When undertaking a recording of myself reading, I felt that I could create a strong piece on the thought processes of myself reading using sound, I had decided from the beginning that I wanted to use music as I feel comfortable playing music and I like the flip on something I was comfortable with being used to describe a process I found difficult. I purposed the idea of this to my peers and they felt this idea would be the strongest. After speaking to Laura Ritchie it was said that I need to be more creative with the sound, which is something I feel I have managed to do well.

The sound in the piece is to take the viewer through the process of the optimism I have when I start a book, moving through the struggle through the book until it eventually cuts out which represents the giving up as the struggle becomes to much. I felt I needed I to have some text within my piece. I felt the text should be at the end of the clip so that it is not fed to the listener with what they should feel. I decided that two question would work well to make the viewer think about what they have just heard. I gathered feedback off of peers to understand what they felt, and in keeping with what I felt used the words Confused? Overwhelmed? I ended my video with the statement now you know how I feel! an exploration of dyslexia.

I feel that I have managed to create a good start on a  narrative that can be developed further for my degree show. As David Campbell say a good body of work is one that under stands its own context.  I have a good understanding on what it feels like to be dyslexic as I have lived through it, but have also made further reading around dyslexia.

I gave presented this piece of work, without giving too much away before hand, all fed back to me that i had but them into the headspace without them realising that that had happened.

If I were to develop this piece further I would like to learn more about audition to create a more complex piece.

I see this work developed for an exhibition where the viewer is isolated in a booth where there are no distractions, which is why for the purpose of phonar I have used a vimeo clip for the sound and few visuals it is reckomended that the piece is listened to on headphones as it allows the viewer to be fully emmersed in the piece however in a home environment i have the issue of surrounding which will take away from the piece.


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