Framing The World Through My Photographs

fmp proposal

Whilst reading Family photographs, content, meaning and effect by Julia Hirsch, I can across a sentence which was of great interest to me, Hirsch says “A family photograph contains at least two people: Physical features are an essential clue to kinship: nose, eyes and foreheads, these tell us what ties these faces to each other.


Whilst looking through orphaned family photo albums acquired from markets during Phonar. I became interested in piecing together who was related to who. I did this by trying to identify certain similarities in facial features.

Whilst repairing an image of my great grand father, which I shared on social media, my friends commented on it where they had seen the similarities in my facial features to his, where as I struggled to see them for myself.

I propose to photograph a range of different family members to identify the similarities in their facial features, by photographing portraits of families in a similar set up so that the focus is on the features.


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