Framing The World Through My Photographs

Ellinor Carucci – Research

Ellinor Carucci is an Israeli photographer that now lives and work in the USA. Carucci has always looked into the relationship between herself and her family .

She has two publications in particular examine this. Mother and Closer.

Closer focuses on herself and her parents whereas, Mother focuses on her journey into mother hood.

Ellinor Carucci has been highlighted in a few previous module such as Picbod , where lecturers Jonathan Worth and Matt Johnston interviewed her in realtionship to the exhibition born which work from her publication mother features in. Below you can find my notes:

Ellinor carucci –interview

  • New york exhibition – interview took place 2012
  • Since she was 15 she has been photographing her live and family.
  • Carring on work from her first book closer, which was about her living with her parents as a young women.
  • Diary of a dancer – describes her life as a professional belly dancer
  • Crisis – more about marriage and marital problems she felt the work was less innocent than closer.
  • 2003 she got pregnant with twins – born is photos from the lives of the first 3 yr of twins –
  • Jonathan worth ask Carucci if she set out to become a photographer who photographs her family? – when she first started photographing, she started of her mother, she started to play with a camera at 15, it wasn’t until she was 17 she decided she wanted to do photography.
  • When she was at art school, she decided that she should be photographing more serious things, rather than family.
  • But, she was drawn to the topic of intimacy and realtionships and closeness.
  • She was directed back to photographing her family by professors. As this is where they saw she could talk with her photographs using family
  • JW ASKS: who inspires you in your work ? EC – at 16 she took a photo course where she was shown a body of work by Mary Ellen Mark , which was based on the protitues of Bombay, this was the first body of work that carucci has seen with a sense of intermacy. Sally Mann, Nan, Golding.. her mother was an inspiration because of the way she opened up to her
  • JW: Sally mann had experienced criticism because of the way she photographes her children.. have you ever had this critsim . Carruci was more aware when to cut the nudity out, because it was her children.
  • The kids her children go to school with are very present online due to parents putting images on sites such as face book.
  • Our lives are spread out.
  • With the subject of her work, and the time of publishing, she felt it is easier and slightly more seen than when sally mann published intermate family (1993)
  • JW: I imagine you photograph all the time? EC: – No, very wrong…. A month can go by with out photographing, but then can photograph 3-4 times a week but most of the time she is without her camera
  • JW: he photographs his children and people closest to him all the time , but at some point you have to edit these images down into a new body of work. You have to make a statement :
  • Jw: How do you edit these images down, and what happens to the ones you leave out?
  • EC: she lets the work grow older, shows work from and earler year so she has time to think about the work, and grow apart from the work. Her husband is heavily involed in the editing process, she has close friends to help edit their work, find someone your trust to go over your work.
  • Carrcui sees herself as a good editor of her work if she allowed her work to grow. She imagines herself in a room with one image is it interesting enough.
  • JW: we start out being image makers, used to be simple we made photographs.. no with digital, do you see yourself recording your famiy in something other than photography.. sound recordings movies. Or asking them to collaborate?
  • EC: not really drawn to it… she loves the limitation of photography.. you don’t know the story of what happened before and after…. She likes that people can find themselves in her images. If they get to much imformation I more documentary.
  • MJ: the new body of work is still on going… other works have had closure as they have been published….. since the exhibition have this helped you take a step back from the work
  • Ec: this is like chapeter one of the work… its helpful to experience showing the work.. in about 2 years (2014) when her kids where 10 she felt this is when born would come to a stop.
  • Mj: over a 10 yr project has the approach changed? To you go back through the image you took ?
  • Ec: in the first few years she was photographing in the way she was used to in her bubble.. but as time went on she found her self photographing more outside. Her children are very American which forced carruci to embrace the American culture. This is her home her community.
  • Having older kids being apart of the community has caursed her photography to change
  • Mj: are your children interested to see what you have taken?
  • Ec: it’s a part of digital she likes is that they can see it… her kids can become annoyed when she is taking photos… it allows hem to become involved.
  • When carruci is working commercialy she approaches it in the same way as she does with her family .. there is an emotianl connection in her work.
  • The idea of an intese intimate window.
  • You can push people into the intimate body of work

Like when researching Billingham I strived to get more information from the artists mouth. I read through the introduction to her book, Mother, which provided me with some great information on how and why she undertook this project.

I have found Carucci to conform to the family photo album yet contrast what should be shown within images of the family. In a photo album we expect to see happy moments mother cuddling there child, however, we don’t expect to see Parents nude, c-section scars etc..


Reference –

Elinor Carucci ; foreword by Francine Prose. (2013) Mother.

     Germany: Prestel Verlag.





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