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Practice run – Comments & Feedback

With only one week to go until we hold our final event at the Herbert, we are have had a two day practice run. As our event is held over a two day duration, with half of the group presenting on the tuesday and the other half on the wednesday. As the curation team have created the running orders for the two days now was the time to try it out. The original plan was to invite some key note speakers over the two day that fit with the themes of the presentations of that particular day. However, we were having issues getting speakers that were free for the day, so as a group we came to the decision not to have any speakers and just focus on our own presentations, which gave us each 20 minutes on each day, allowing for our presentations q&a and switch over times.  I felt slightly more relaxed once I knew I had a bit more time to play with.

I presented mine talk on wednesday. I was quite nervous, but in remembering a conversation in Waitrose with one of my mums friends, she gave gave me a tip for getting rid of nerves. I was told to get rid of the nervous energy in my body by shaking my arms as vigorously as I can , in a private place of course I don’t want to look like a numpty. I thought I would try this out, surprising it it worked i din’t have the nervous energy in my body, i knew it couldn’t stop me from being completely nerve free but I felt better. However , i had got myself ready as I was told to start and my class didn’t hear and carried on talking, low and behold my nerves were back.

When presenting my paper I stumbled over a few of my words as I didn’t feel that I had ready my paper enough to get used to saying what was written. I felt so nervous and shaky, I couldn’t bare to look up, in fear of being put off.

After presenting I received feedback from Anthony and Daniel.

  • Make sure you present to the audience. Engage them, by looking at them.
  • You attempted to show some research by using Stephen Bull, maybe you should look for one of A.D Coleman’s articles on the snapshot aesthetic.
  • Show some sociology understanding, which may help you with the terms you use.
  • The visual analysis you have done is a good attempt.
  • You conclusion, is too much like your introduction, and came to a stop very quickly.

I live with two of my fellow classmates, who both presented on the tuesday and both came away feeling very positive about presenting next week at the real event. I however went away feeling worse, totally doubting myself. My feedback wasn’t bad at all I just had an hr of doubt thinking it is all rubbish and I doesn’t make any sense, its not interesting…. I re read my paper the day after, which put me back at easy the previous days doubt was silly, I knew my topic, its right.

I have a few things to change in the next few days.


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