Framing The World Through My Photographs

Fmp – proposal


A brief description of the project you will be carrying out including the methodology you will undertake, the presentation strategy you aim to employ, and the context for which you intend to create the work.


One in ten people in the UK suffer from dyslexia, I am one of them. One in four people in the UK suffer from severe dyslexia.


Dyslexia is a spectrum disorder, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Dyslexics suffer particular difficulties with:

  • phonological awareness
  • verbal memory
  • rapid serial naming
  • verbal processing speed


Dyslexia is an invisible disability, where something in the brain did not develop how it should have done. Although, dyslexia is becoming more widely known and picked up on, I still feel that it is not understood by people without dyslexia, but how could it be? Dyslexia doesn’t present itself in the same way in each person with it. People with it see and process things differently.

I have often heard people use the phrase “I’m having a dyslexic day” as a excuse when they get something wrong, but have no true understanding of what it actually feels like to be dyslexic. Dyslexia is a disability that I feel isn’t often viewed as one.


Identify the skills you think you will need to develop, and the resources you envisage being required to enable a successful resolution of your idea within the given time and theme.

Although I myself have suffered from dyslexia since I was around seven years old, I can only understand what it is like for myself. I will need to research more in depth around the disability. To gain a greater understanding as well as ways that people with dyslexia can help themselves with various techniques, such as the Ireln method.

As well as researching about the disability I will explore how other photographers have worked with the subject of disability.


With reference to the Assessment Requirements (see below) and Intended Learning Outcomes for this Module, specify what you intend to achieve by the end of this project and try and summarize what you hope to have learnt. This section should also include a sentence describing how you want your audience to respond to your work – how, ideally it would be appreciated and understood.

I hope to have learnt more about the disability I have as well as helping others to understand what it is like to have it.

Although I feel that dyslexia has become more widley known, I still feel that there are some misconceptions about it, by people that don’t have dyslexia can’t understand.



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