Framing The World Through My Photographs

Where do I think family photography Is heading?

There will always be the want to document our families as shown in how many centuries people have been documenting the family for already, but with like anything there will technology will change the way we see and do things. Gillian Rose has already highlighted that we are starting to see family snaps circulating the media, she refers to how they are used to search for loved one in times of tragedy heartbreak and hope. The media in term of news of course is not the only place our family snaps are presented. Social media plays a big part in many a families life nowadays. I think the possiblitly of the family album becoming a thing of the past is very high, of course there will still be a few people who will always prefer the physical object of a family album. But the ease of social media allows us to upload and circulate our images quickly and without to much hassle. Where as when social media wasn’t present families would get together sit round a table an pass around physical photographs.

Possibly one of the biggest changes in family photography is in how we store our images. With digital , we plug our cameras in to our laptops upload them into a file somewhere within the black hole of our pcs. Where as in the days of film we had no option to look through them and sort through them once they returned from the chemist where they had been processed and printed .

I know that myself am very guilty of storing my images into my laptop and not going back to look at them. For me I feel that digital is allowing us to loose the significants of the moment photographs

We are loosing the significant moments in our family lives as a digital devices make it so easy to erase a bad photo and take another, we think too much about the perfect image aesthetically we are forgetting the perfect moment in family.


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This entry was posted on February 23, 2015 by in 350MC - photography in context.
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