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My Role In Putting The Symposium Together – Marketing Team

At the start of the module my peers and myself put ourselves into working groups to make the event happen. The choices of working groups were, marketing, finance, curation & venue.

I chose the marketing team as I had worked on the marketing team in second year during Picbod. This team was probably the biggest. Our first job was to come up with a group name, in which the whole class could be named under. Our initial name was to be exposure 2.8, however we found out that previous set of of alumni had given themselves the name exposure.

Marketing team discusses a few other names which we put up a poll on our facebook group for the whole group. The majority vote was for Collective Vision.

As soon as our name was decided, I made a twitter account in which I could tweet updates and developments of the event. I set about following as many people with an interest in photography and visual culture as well as past guest speakers as this was the audience we were setting out to entise to our event.

I often found working on the marketing team very frustrating, as there were ten people on this team, not that you would know it. It felt like most of the time it was only Rachael and myself doing all the work and trying to get the others to do the work.

Below is the screen shots from the marketing group page on facebook.


As well as twitter the group felt we needed a bigger online presence, we decided to create a website. I purchased a domain from 123-reg. (

There was four of us working on the website, Olly, Becky, Natalia & myself. The website will hold all the information of our symposium as well as our end of year degree show.

On the day of our symposium ( 24th-25th February) I tweeted throughout the day to discussing certain topics engaging audiences outside of the room we held our event.



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