Framing The World Through My Photographs

Fmp – The dress

In late February a confusion over the colour of a certain dress swept across the nation. What colour was this dress, gold and white or black and blue?

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 15.57.27


How is it one dress caused so much fuss, over what colour it was? Different people were seeing different colours some blue and black and the other gold and white. I saw white and gold.

The dress split the internet within a matter within hours with over 10 million hashtags on twitter.

Ron chrisley – director of the centre for, research in cognitive science, thinks that everyone has forgotten that they are dealing with an illusion. The dress is a colour illusion. The eye is either discounting the blue so you see white and gold or discounting the gold so that you see blue.

The human eye evolves to see daylight, but daylight changes the colour of everything we see. The human eye trys to compensate for the chromatic bias of daylight colour.


Why look at the dress for a project about dyslexia???

The frustration caused by the colours seen by different people.

Chrisley expresses that the different ways our eyes work is the reason why people were seeing it differently, much like how a dyslexics brain works as oppose to how a non dyslexics work.


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