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Don’t Call Me Stupid

Don’t call me stupid was originally broadcast in 2010. Kara Tointon is an actress who is most know for her role as Dawn Miller in Eastenders, and lately Strictly Come Dancing. Tointon suffers from dyslexia herself even though her job evolves around reading.

I remember watching the documentry the first time round. I found myself being able to identify with aspects of what Tointon had. The main aspect I identifiyed with was organisation, Tointon expressed that she was always loosing things and was very messy. There is some proof that dyslexics have a poor short term memory. I often find myself putting something down then forgetting where I have put it minutes later.

The documentry provided some stats:

  • 1 in ten brits have dyslexia
  • 6million brits have dyslexia
  • in 2011 over 3/4 of british school children were thought to have dyslexia, but many go without being formally diagnosed.

Dyslexia makes it hard for the brain to recognise a written word and recognise sounds as a whole.

At the time the documentary was aired Tointon had just taken part in strictly come dancing. This thrust tointon back into the public eye as she had been out of eastenders for a while, because of this i feel that the documentary may have been received better.


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