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fmp – research – Irelens Syndrome – reading by the colours – helen irelen

I am vaguely aware of irelens syndrome, during my research into dyslexia, i have been coming across irelens being mentioned.

What is Irelens?

Irelens is also referred to as scoptic sensitivity syndrome and visual stress – which is a perceptual processing disorder. It is not an optical problem, tends to run in the family.

People that have Irelens can experience a range of distortions, which could be on a computer , page or white boards, when they are trying to read, however, they can also have difficulty in the environment

Distortions on the page include :

  • Words moving in various ways
  • Words fading, disapearing, swirling, blurring
  • The white of the page being more dominant, pulsating and moving
  • Words changing size.
  • lines of words moving/ weaving

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 07.34.12

Distortion in the environment can include:

  • Lack of perspective and depth
  • Blurry ness
  • objects moving in various ways
  • Difficutly judging distances, heights, and speeds

Reading problems

  • Irelens can cause many different reading difficulties the problems can become apparent when reading black print on a white page, working on a computer copying information from a board. Both children and adults can be affected.
  • The symptoms may be experienced but they can be treated through the use of the Irelen filters which can be in glasses lenses or as plastic overlays.

When I was about eight years old I was tested under an Irelens specialist. I was given an overlay which was a yellowy orange colour called golden rod, which I was to put over the pages of books. In school my homework would then be prited on a yellow paper. I can’t really recall how it effected me as such. I just know it worked. I asked my mum what she had recalled from it, she said that she couldnt sit in on the assesment as my younger brother was playing up so she sat me down at home and asked me what i saw, she recalled that I was very excited that the words in my book no longer moved.


The use of a filter over something which would be distorted without which then became clear, would display an aspect of dyslexia. The colours  that are used as over lays are dependant on the person, my colour is golden rod(yellow) my housemate who is also dyslexic used ocean ( green).



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