Framing The World Through My Photographs

Fmp – dev – Kalidescope

As I am wanting to create work that helps people to understand aspects of what it may be like to have dyslexia, previously I have attempted this by using sound for this project I am hoping to create a visual response.

Through my research into dyslexia the main description of visuals were based around the distortions that someone may face.
The way distortion happens with me when i am in particular tired is that I see more of the white on the page than the black, this wouldn’t be hard for me to replicate in photoshop however, its to obvious.

I however started to think of ways in which I could create a distortion. Whilst at my young families house playing with some of there toys, I picked up a kaleidoscope, in which I thought the fractured pieces of coloured plastic created a distorted yet visually pleasing view.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 20.39.31


I have had the idea of creating a similar effect with mirrors which will fracture the view of what I photograph.

As this is something I had never made before I needed to research how I would make such a thing, and whether it would be possible.

I came across an article on shutterbug in which someone had made a kaleidoscope out of mirrors. This gave me hope that my idea wasn’t completely ridiculous.

Whist shopping for a mirror to use it was important that it had quality to it, as I would be cutting it myself i could run the risk of it shattering with much ease.

After figuring out the measurements I needed , I enlisted my dads help as I am far to clumsy around sharp instruments let alone put together sharp tools and mirrors that can shatter.

Seriously wilkinsons know how to secure a mirror to its frame after taking nearly an hour to break it free with out breaking the mirror.

Now came the serious part, cutting the mirror, with only so much to play with me and dad couldn’t afford to mess it up. using a title cutter I scored carefully along the measured lines, i were to cut 3x 12″ lengths, the problem arose when I tried to break the scored lines, as the lines were 12″ long I was struggling to get a clean break… After a few cuts to our fingers not to mention a few to my mums table cloth. I decided to take the mirror the the local glass cutting shop in town , in hind sight I probably should have gone straight there, would have spared my dad and I a few cut fingers.

I started to do some test shots around my house to see how the kaleidoscope worked.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 22.31.04 Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 22.31.14 Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 22.31.21




What works?

Using the the kaleidescope I have been able to create a certain distraction within the images. I want the viewer to be able to see what they are looking at but it should not be as expected, much like when a dyslexic is experiencing certain visual stress.

What doesn’t work?

In terms of using the kaleidoscope its awkward to use as I can not fix it still to a tripod, its heavy to hold and awkward.

Although I was happy with the results of how the images turned out my issue has lay with what I should photograph through the kalidescope to make it relevant to my topic. I tried photographing some some obvious objects such as  book however i felt that it wasn’t that effective.




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