Framing The World Through My Photographs

FMP artist research – sam taylor wood, Jeff Wall & rosie kernohan

Sam taylor Wood

Woods series self portrait suspended (2004) and escape artist (08) was reckomended to me by Emma Critchtly so that I could see how she had edited the images and posed the image to ensure it is effective as can be. Suspending herself mid air her images give the sense of an uplifting dream.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 05.05.32

In comparison to this work her work escape artist shows ore tention within the body. giving the view a sense of entrapment and struggle which is something I am hoping to achieve within my work.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 05.08.25


Jeff WallA Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai) 1993

Walls a sudden gust of wind, a painting like image is based on a traveller caught in a sudden breeze a  Ejiri. This particualar image uses over 100 individual images to create this whole piece. Walls cinematic images emerse the viewer into what may aswell be a film still.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 05.08.59

rosie kernohan

I was direct to Kernohan by emma lambert as she was one of her previous students, who creates contemporary portraits using similar techniques to which I was trying to use.

By watching this video I have gained a greater understanding on how create the images I am trying to make by doing most in camera first .

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 05.22.36



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