Framing The World Through My Photographs

fmp Final images & Presentation & title

I feel that during this module I had difficulty creating the amount of images that i had wanted two however i have 3 final images that i am happy with.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 04.19.44 clingfilm drowning

Although I am fond of all three images, I am only going to use the strongest out of the three especially as the images are so different asethically. I shall be using the cling film image as this got the best response from myself and peers.


From preivious experience in exhibiting my work through college I know that I do not like to present my work with much fuss ie no frames . I like my images to sit cleanly on the walls.

When considering printing I order samples from dscolour labs as they have reccenty introduced fine art papers . When the samples arrived i found that I did not like the quality or colouring on the images.

Whist decideing on how to get my print done I have had to consider the duarability of them as I am traveling to free range I have decided to look into alluminium di bond printing as I still have a choice of papers but on a heard wearing backing .

I have decided to go with a 21″x14 print which I have had printed on metalic paper on a allunium di bond backing.

Through this project I have found finding a title to be problematic, as usually when I create work titles have been fairly obvious how ever there are many contributing factors to dyslexia and my project I found it hard.

Through research there has been envisis on phonics, as we are not having artist statements next the the work I have decided on the simple title of dyslexia however I have spelt it Phoneticaly




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