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Script References and Bibliography

Script reference list   Billingham B (2000) Richard Billingham: Ray’s a Laugh. Switzerland: Scalo.   Bourdieu, P. (1989) Photography: A Middle-brow Art. United Kingdom: Cambridge : Polity, 1990.   Bull, S. … Continue reading

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Definitive blog post summary

Jessica Oakes- Definitive Blog post It’s a few days after the symposium was held at the Herbert; I am so pleased at how the event went. I didn’t think that … Continue reading

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My Role In Putting The Symposium Together – Marketing Team

At the start of the module my peers and myself put ourselves into working groups to make the event happen. The choices of working groups were, marketing, finance, curation & … Continue reading

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My changing thoughts

Before researching this topic I have never thought about the process the representation of family goes through. Although we call our images snapshots, they are still somewhat thought out, we … Continue reading

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Where do I think family photography Is heading?

There will always be the want to document our families as shown in how many centuries people have been documenting the family for already, but with like anything there will … Continue reading

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Visual analysis of Billingham and Carucci

It was suggested to me that I use visual analysis within my presentation to allow the viewer to understand the images further. Below you can see what I included within … Continue reading

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Writing my paper

I have never found writing easy, before this module I had only written one academic essay, so I still felt like a novice to writing an essay. Coming from a … Continue reading

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