Framing The World Through My Photographs

Fmp image development cling film

From my original idea based on dyslexia I was using idea which have a physical barrier element to the image wheather that be the kaliescope or 3d imaging, although these … Continue reading

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Fmp – First image – develop

The idea behind this image will be to interprete how I have felt whist been faced with over whelming text. The text that over whelms me can be in any … Continue reading

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Fmp – Buzz words

I plan to use my strengths in creative topics to to describe some of the difficulties i have faced in the past. My dyslexia does not define who I am … Continue reading

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fmp – proposal update

One in ten people in the uk suffer from dyslexia, I am one of them. One in 4 people in the UK suffer from severe dyslexia. Dyslexia is a spectrum … Continue reading

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Fmp – Dyslexia report

  By using my dyslexia report I will gain a greater understanding my own dyslexia. These tests are devised to take the person being tested out of there comfort zone … Continue reading

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FMP artist research – sam taylor wood, Jeff Wall & rosie kernohan

Sam taylor Wood Woods series self portrait suspended (2004) and escape artist (08) was reckomended to me by Emma Critchtly so that I could see how she had edited the … Continue reading

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Fmp – dev – Kalidescope

As I am wanting to create work that helps people to understand aspects of what it may be like to have dyslexia, previously I have attempted this by using sound … Continue reading

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