Framing The World Through My Photographs

Assignment 1 – shoot one

For the first shoot I went to China town, as it was the closest to St Pancreas, I had only passed through china town once before, however we were in a rush to get home as it was the golden saturday of the olympics with three gold medals, (not something to be missed ), I didn’t really get a chance to take the sights in and have a good look around.

Contact Sheet

This is the contact sheet from my first shoot. I have used my own negative scanner that I have home. I then created a contact sheet on Photoshop, as I did not have enough darkroom paper to create one in the darkroom.

I am mostly happy with my images, however I wish I had gone closer into the shops and the products, instead of just photographing over views of the shops and street, as I think I would have got more of a feel for the food in the culture. I am also wishing that I had gone into some of the supermarkets, and photographed , but I am alway wary about doing this have I have done it before and got told of by the shop keepers.


This was the first thing I came to in china town so I decided to photograph it as it set the scene for me, the image is of a map that looks like a tube map however it is a map of china town. I don’t know why I chose this composition to photograph the map as you can really see any of the text, I should have taken the picture directly across from it.

As someone with a sweet tooth I am naturally drawn to any kind of dessert, so when my eye caught sight of this window I had to photograph it. The cakes look delicious. This is one of my favourite images from this shoot however I find the bottom left slightly distracting as it is too bleached out from my flash.

This is one of the most common sights I saw in china town, window with duck hung up to dry out to make crispy duck. This is one of the few images i prefer in black and white from this shoot as the squids(i think thats what they are) were bright orange which I found distracting as I liked the rich brown tones. Below is the image in colour.

I had not realised this when I was taking the picture, that the person on the poster and the person on the stall look almost identical.


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